*NEW Trim24seven Plus Diet Patches  

For Women & Men


Trim24seven Plus diet patch is left on for a full 24 hours! So easy... just put on a new adhesive diet patch every day for an aid with weight loss. 

 Trim24seven Plus Diet Patches have All Natural ingredients.

Each month supply comes with 30 diet patches and is brand new in retail packaging with directions.   

*NEW Trim24seven Plus now has 20% more ingredients!



Fucus Vesiculosus Extract: 12mg
5 HTP: 12mg
Guarana: 9.6mg 
Zinc Pyruvate: 3.6mg
Yerba Mate: 2.4mg
Lecithin: 2.4mg
Flaxseed Oil: 1.2mg
L-Carnitine: 1.2mg
Zinc Citrate: 1.2mg


  • Apply a new weight loss diet patch each day to a dry, clean, hairless area of your skin (to avoid possible irritation, put the diet patch on a different area of skin every day).


  • After 24 hours, remove the previous day's weight loss diet patch and replace with a new diet patch in a slightly different position to allow the skin to breathe.


  • Drinking plenty of water, a balanced diet, and light excersise will help get optimum results with Trim24seven diet patches. Even if it is just a short walk. Just do a little more than the day before, just to get your metabolism going.


  • Continue to eat well balanced meals. This also makes the diet patches more effective.

    -Diet patches are water proof and safe to wear while showering or swimming.

  • Results vary with everyone. Keep in mind that dieting isn't easy and no matter what weight loss program or product used, eating right and some exercise if possible can always make a difference. Also, stick with the program for at least 2-3 weeks.... Don't give up early!



*This product is not recommmended for people who are allergic to adhesives, pregnant women, women who are nursing, or people with any heart diseases.

All items sent same or next business day upon receipt of payment. 


  *Not for sale in the state of California.


1 Month Supply of Trim24seven Diet Patch  
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4 Month Supply of Trim24seven Diet Patch  
Orig. Price: $75.80
Sale Price: $54.95
5 Month Supply of Trim24seven Diet Patch  
Orig. Price: $94.75
Sale Price: $66.95
6 Month Supply of Trim24seven Diet Patch  
Orig. Price: $113.70
Sale Price: $77.95



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DISCLAIMER: Individuals with sensitive skin and/or susceptible to allergic reactions, may experience slight reddening or irritation of the skin upon using the patch products. This is VERY RARE but If this occurs, or any other side effects are experienced, please cease using and seek medical advice. Individuals with hypersensitive skin may experience such reactions as a result of the adhesive or latex in patch products. We do not recommend theses products for pregnant women, women who are nursing, diabetic patients or people with any heart diseases. The patch products are not recommended for people allergic to adhesives or latex. If you are on medication or any of the afore mentioned, or are having other problems, it is highly recommmended you consult your doctor before use. Due to predatory lawyers/attorneys  trying to extort through litigation or bring on frivolous lawsuits, ingredient descriptions are not available and it is up to the consumer to educate themselves on the effect of each ingredient. Customer testimonials are also not available for this same reason. The consumer uses these products at their own risk.   Public Direct, Inc. cannot be held responsible/liable for any injury to any person or missuse of any sort with this product. By purchasing, you acknowledge that the purchaser/user is 18 years of age or older. By purchasing this product from Public Direct, Inc., you agree to all these terms. Public Direct, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service/sales to anyone at any time.  All of the ingredients/description listed are certified by the manufacturer and are to the best of our knowledge. Individual results will vary. There is no guarantee these products will or will not work for you. Patch products are manufactured in accordance with the F.D.A.'s GMP manufacturing guidelines. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not meant to treat, cure or diagnose any disease or illness.

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